Case Study 00 – Template


This page summarizes and analyzes a project which ???

This page is intended as a reference for similar projects now in the planning stages in western Ukraine or beyond. Following a brief summary of the site, the material below describes the project and reviews its effectiveness together with a listing of issues encountered, approximate project costs, and ongoing risks. Related projects both in western Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe are also briefly mentioned, for comparison. At the bottom of this page are links to project documentation and to additional reference information about the burial site and related projects.

Read the overview to case studies of selected projects at Jewish burial sites in western Ukraine.

Project Summary

Project type: nnn
Location and site type: Jewish cemetery of ???, ??? raion, ??? oblast, Ukraine. GPS: ???, ???.
Description of the site: The cemetery perimeter is an irregular shape of approximately ???m length, enclosing roughly ??? hectare of area, on a hillside with moderate slope.
Ownership and stakeholders: The cemetery site is owned by the municipality of ???. Stakeholders include the local civil community, foreign descendants of ??? pre-war Jewish and other families, historians, and students of Jewish culture.
Official heritage status: Unknown.
Activists working on/at the site: ???, a non-profit organization based in ???. Contact info and webform.
Other projects active at the site: ???

Project Analysis

History of the site: ???

Current features of/at the site: ???

Details of the project: ???

Issues encountered in the project: ???

Project costs, one-time and sustaining: ???

Current risks to preservation: ???

Related projects in western Ukraine: ???

Related projects outside western Ukraine: ???


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