Lviv Oblast: Identified Jewish Cemeteries

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.


The “forest of stones” in the new Jewish cemetery in Brody. Photo © RJH.

This page presents a sortable table which lists all known Jewish burial sites in the Lviv oblast of western Ukraine with GPS coordinates and links to information sources, some of which provide descriptions, photographs, histories, and/or other data. At the bottom of this page, we also include an interactive map showing the known burial sites in this and other oblasts of western Ukraine. Although we have attempted to include every Jewish cemetery and mass grave in the oblast, it is likely that some omissions or other errors exist in the table; we welcome input to correct and complete the listing.

This page is one of a series covering several different oblasts of western Ukraine with a common purpose and strategy.

Read the overview to this study.

Historical Background

The boundaries of the Lemberg kreis at the beginning of the Austrian period in the late 18th century.
Image courtesy Gesher Galicia.

In modern Ukraine, the Lviv oblast lies in the far west of the country, sharing borders with three of the other oblasts of our original study (Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Zakarpattia) and a long western border with southeastern Poland. It is a medium-sized oblast of Ukraine by area, but one of the largest by population, and is divided into 20 raions (districts) and 9 cities of district significance. The city of Lviv is the largest by population in western Ukraine, and for the past few centuries was the administrative center of the region no matter what royal, Soviet, or democratic government was in power. The area forms a core part of the historic region of Halychyna; following a period of rule by Polish kings, the region became part of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom of Galicia from the late 18th century to WWI, with frequently-changing administrative boundaries. As a borderland between newly-formed republics three times in the 20th century, the land known as “Lvivshchyna” was often contested; in WWII it was part of Distrikt Galizien under German occupation, then annexed into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, and finally a part of independent Ukraine in 1991.

Demographically, until the post-war period the region had always been diverse. In the 1921 Polish census, of the roughly 2.72 million residents of the voivodeship, about nearly 1 million identified themselves as ethnically Ukrainian (rusińską in the census) and more than 1.1 million as Greek Catholic; over 1.5 million self-identified as Polish, and just over 1.25 million as Roman Catholic; 190 thousand self-identified ethnically as Jewish, and 310 thousand as religiously Jewish; the remainder of the residents called themselves religiously Evangelical Christian or other (14 thousand), with many different ethnic groups (primarily German) but totaling fewer than 15 thousand people. Thus, many religious Jews considered themselves Polish. Overall, Jews as a religious group before WWII made up more than 11% of the area’s population, which was also typical for eastern Galicia in earlier years. At the time, the region spanned further west than it does today (incorporating portions of today’s southeastern Poland), and was dominated by the major cities of Lviv, Przemyśl, Drohobych, and Rzeszów; a quarter of the voivodeship’s Jews lived in the city of Lviv.

Jewish Burial Grounds: Cemeteries and Wartime Mass Graves

In the table below, identified Jewish cemeteries and mass graves are listed by name, raion (district), and type of site. All place names are listed by the current convention of English transliteration of official Ukrainian names. Where possible for each burial site, GPS coordinates (technically, coordinates which conform to the standard known as the World Geodetic System) are listed and linked to a digital map. If the listed GPS coordinates include an asterisk (*) and no map link, this means that the coordinates are only approximate, and that we and our sources did not have confirmed and precise information to confidently locate the site; although the general location is known, additional verification is needed. Then, where available, links to web data from several sources are tabulated; each of the sources provides different but overlapping data types, both descriptive and numerical. Integrating and reconciling data from different sources is often difficult due to varying standards in place names and descriptions, and we recognize that some locations may not have been identified here from our sources and our own research; we welcome input and comments on omissions and errors.

The major sources are named briefly here; these and other sources are described more fully on the overview page.

ESJF = ESJF European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative
IAJGS = IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project
YIU = Yahad – In Unum
LT = Lo Tishkach European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative

The table below is interactive. The number of visible rows on the page can be selected from 10, 25, 50, or 100, in a selector at the upper left. The table can be searched for specific town or raion names, in a box at the upper right. Place names can be sorted A-Z or Z-A, for example to list burial sites by town name or raion.

Town/VillageRaion/CityBurial SiteGPSESJFIAJGSYIULTOther
BatiatychiKamianka-BuzkaMass Grave50.126 24.338* YIU
BelzSokalCemetery50.38341 23.99216ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
BerezdivtsiMykolaivCemetery49.45487 24.16193ESJFIAJGS LT
BibrkaPeremyshlianyCemetery49.63718 24.30280ESJFIAJGS LTRada
BibrkaPeremyshlianyMass Grave49.643 24.280* YIULT
BiliavtsiBrodyCemetery50.16592 25.10527 LT
Bilyi KaminZolochivCemetery - New49.90415 24.83720ESJFIAJGS LT
Bilyi KaminZolochivCemetery - Old49.89721 24.83288ESJFIAJGS LT
BoroveZhovkvaMass Grave - Forest50.23660 23.56950 YIU ✓ VY
BoryniaTurkaMass Grave49.068 23.022* LT
BoryslavBoryslavCemetery - New49.29418 23.44622ESJF LT
BoryslavBoryslavCemetery - Old49.29316 23.42058ESJF LT
BoryslavBoryslavMass Grave - East49.283 23.466* YIULT
BoryslavBoryslavMass Grave - North49.306 23.423* YIULT
BoryslavBoryslavMass Grave - Southwest49.249 23.365* YIULT
BrodyBrodyCemetery - New50.10143 25.14497ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
BrodyBrodyCemetery - Old50.08093 25.15222ESJFIAJGS LT
BrodyBrodyMass Grave50.10199 25.14044 IAJGSYIULT✓ VY
BuskBuskCemetery49.96694 24.62718ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
BuskBuskMass Grave49.96711 24.62634 IAJGSYIULT
ChervoneZolochivMass Grave49.803 24.766* LT
ChervonohradChervonohradCemetery50.38639 24.22635ESJFIAJGS LT
ChyzhykivPustomytyMass Grave49.79582 24.27029 LT
DobromylStaryi SambirCemetery49.57539 22.78335ESJFIAJGS LTGG
DobromylStaryi SambirMass Grave - Cemetery49.576 22.783* YIU
DobromylStaryi SambirMass Grave - East49.57790 22.80896 IAJGSYIULT
DovheDrohobychMass Grave49.165 23.341* LT
DrohobychDrohobychCemetery - New49.36961 23.51450ESJFIAJGS LTGG CJA VW
DrohobychDrohobychCemetery - Old49.35615 23.51138ESJFIAJGS LTGG VW
DrohobychDrohobychMass Grave - Cemetery49.368 23.515* LT
DrohobychDrohobychMass Grave - Forest49.40779 23.44905 IAJGSYIULTLT2 VW DBV
DunaivPeremyshlianyCemetery49.60597 24.85508ESJF LT
HirskeMykolaivMass Grave49.473 23.782* YIULT
HlynianyZolochivCemetery49.82185 24.52415ESJFIAJGS LT
HlynianyZolochivMass Grave49.808 24.521* LT
HolobutivStryiMass Grave49.277 23.761* IAJGSYIU
HolohoryZolochivCemetery49.76244 24.72419ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
HorodokHorodokCemetery - New49.79935 23.63164ESJF LT
HorodokHorodokCemetery - Old49.78659 23.63143ESJF LT
HorodokHorodokMass Grave - East 149.796 23.737* YIU
HorodokHorodokMass Grave - East 249.797 23.737* YIU
HorodokHorodokMass Grave - East 349.797 23.736* YIU
HorodokHorodokMass Grave - South49.78095 23.66853 LT
HusakivMostyskaCemetery49.70638 22.98667ESJF LT
IvanivkaPeremyshlianyMass Grave49.566 24.628* YIU
Ivano-FrankoveYavorivCemetery49.92369 23.73106ESJF LT
Ivano-FrankoveYavorivMass Grave 149.915 23.728* LTVY
Ivano-FrankoveYavorivMass Grave 249.916 23.725* VY
Kamianka-BuzkaKamianka-BuzkaCemetery - New 150.10108 24.35601ESJF LT
Kamianka-BuzkaKamianka-BuzkaCemetery - New 250.09763 24.36535ESJF LT
Kamianka-BuzkaKamianka-BuzkaCemetery - Old50.10615 24.34600ESJF LTCJA
Kamianka-BuzkaKamianka-BuzkaMass Grave50.107 24.359* YIULT
KhodorivZhydachivCemetery49.40441 24.32080ESJFIAJGS LTGG
KhodorivZhydachivMass Grave - Cemetery49.404 24.321* YIU
KhodorivZhydachivMass Grave - Forest49.391 24.295* YIULTVY
KhvativBuskMass Grave49.96014 24.95013 YIULT
KhyrivStaryi SambirCemetery - New49.53902 22.84746ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
KhyrivStaryi SambirCemetery - Old49.53398 22.84739ESJF LTGG VW
KhyrivStaryi SambirMass Grave49.539 22.846* LT
KlymetsSkoleMass Grave48.860 23.235* YIU
KomarnoHorodokCemetery49.63210 23.69768ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
KomarnoHorodokMass Grave49.61024 23.69282 IAJGS LT✓ VY
KorosnePeremyshlianyMass Grave49.67461 24.52501 LT
KrakovetsYavorivCemetery - New49.95605 23.15233ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
KrakovetsYavorivCemetery - Old49.95983 23.15968 ✓ VY
KrakovetsYavorivMass Grave49.96089 23.16401 LT
KrukenychiMostyskaCemetery49.68258 23.17346ESJF
KukezivKamianka-BuzkaCemetery49.92464 24.26664ESJF LT
KulykivZhovkvaCemetery49.98025 24.07035ESJFIAJGS LTGG
KulykivZhovkvaMass Grave49.979 24.079* LT
KurovychiZolochivMass Grave49.77334, 24.42691 LT
LavochneSkoleCemetery48.80111 23.35783ESJF LT
LeshnivBrodyCemetery50.24519 25.08182ESJF LTCJA
LimnaTurkaMass Grave49.250 22.838* YIULT
LopatynRadekhivCemetery50.21535 24.87166ESJFIAJGS LT
LopatynRadekhivMass Grave50.231 24.858* LT
LvivLvivCemetery - Kulparkiv49.82177 23.99400ESJFIAJGS LT
LvivLvivCemetery - Old49.84573 24.01756ESJFIAJGS LTGG CJA
LvivLvivCemetery - Yaniv49.85105 24.00122ESJFIAJGS LT
LvivLvivCemetery - Znesinnia49.85430 24.05239ESJFIAJGS LT
LvivLvivMass Grave - Yaniv49.85836 23.98672 IAJGSYIULTVW
LysiatychiStryiCemetery49.32977 23.94334ESJFIAJGS LT
LysynychiPustomytyMass Grave49.836 24.092* IAJGSYIULTVW
MaherivZhovkvaCemetery50.11344 23.72797ESJF GG
MatkivTurkaMass Grave LT
MedenychiDrohobychMass Grave49.441 23.754* YIULTVW
MokhnateTurkaMass Grave48.908 23.152* LT
MostyskaMostyskaCemetery49.80063 23.15745ESJF LT
MostyskaMostyskaMass Grave49.801 23.157* YIU
MykolaivMykolaivCemetery49.52075 23.96535ESJF LTCJA VW
MykolaivMykolaivMass Grave49.51992 23.96649 LTVW VY
MykolaivPustomytyCemetery49.764 24.338* IAJGS LT
NavariiaPustomytyCemetery49.74800 23.93724ESJF
NavariiaPustomytyMass Grave LT
NemyrivYavorivCemetery50.09833 23.43675ESJF LT
NemyrivYavorivMass Grave50.09791 23.43684 LT
NezhukhivStryiMass Grave49.27703 23.76118 LT✓ VY
Nove MistoStaryi SambirCemetery49.61514 22.85656ESJF LT
Nove MistoStaryi SambirMass Grave49.608 22.846* LT
Novi StrilyshchaZhydachivCemetery49.52399 24.40985ESJFIAJGS LT
Noviy VytkivRadekhivCemetery50.31457 24.48641ESJF LT
Noviy YarychivKamianka-BuzkaCemetery49.90850 24.30564ESJF LTGG
Noviy YarychivKamianka-BuzkaMass Grave49.883 24.300* YIULT
NyzhankovychiStaryi SambirCemetery49.67367 22.79673ESJF LT
NyzhankovychiStaryi SambirMass Grave49.674 22.797* YIU
Nyzhnie SynovydneSkoleMass Grave 149.11677 23.66865 YIU
Nyzhnie SynovydneSkoleMass Grave 249.11786 23.66941 LTVW
OleskoBuskCemetery - New49.96498 24.87575ESJF LTCJA
OleskoBuskCemetery - Old49.96387 24.89157ESJF
OleskoBuskMass Grave LT
OporyDrohobychMass Grave49.41573 23.69790* LTVW
PeremyshlianyPeremyshlianyCemetery - New49.67019 24.55054ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
PeremyshlianyPeremyshlianyCemetery - Old49.66655 24.55647ESJF LT
PeremyshlianyPeremyshlianyMass Grave - East49.67537 24.54605 YIULT
PidbuzhDrohobychCemetery49.33056 23.23945ESJF
PidhorodtsiSkoleMass Grave49.155 23.426* YIU
PidkaminBrodyCemetery49.94562 25.31243ESJF LT
PidkaminBrodyMass Grave - Cemetery49.946 25.312* LT
PidkaminBrodyMass Grave - West49.94494 25.30904 LT
PluhivZolochivMass Grave49.756 25.029* YIULT
PomorianyZolochivCemetery49.62763 24.92673ESJFIAJGS LTVW
PomorianyZolochivMass Grave - Cemetery49.628 24.927* LT
PotelychZhovkvaCemetery50.20702 23.55410ESJF
PustomytyPustomytyMass Grave49.745 23.884* LT
RadekhivRadekhivCemetery - New50.283 24.649* ✓ VY
RadekhivRadekhivCemetery - Old50.27994 24.64614ESJFIAJGS LTVW
RadekhivRadekhivMass Grave50.299 24.639* LT✓ VY
RalivkaSambirMass Grave 149.48237 23.25468 YIULTCJA VW
RalivkaSambirMass Grave 249.48237 23.25468 YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaCemetery - New50.23235 23.60690ESJFIAJGS LTPM
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaCemetery - Old50.23079 23.62471ESJFIAJGS JF
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave - New Cem 150.23167 23.60715 YIULTPM
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave - New Cem 250.23238 23.60717 YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave 350.218 23.622* YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave 450.217 23.628* YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave 550.213 23.634* YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave 650.249 23.634* YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave 750.253 23.632* YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave 850.256 23.632* YIU
Rava-RuskaZhovkvaMass Grave 950.257 23.571* YIU
RozdilMykolaivCemetery49.46338 24.05708ESJFIAJGS LTGG CJA VW
RozdilMykolaivMass Grave49.464 24.057* YIULT
RozluchTurkaMass Grave49.22517 22.96753 LT
RudkySambirCemetery - New49.650 23.487* IAJGS LT
RudkySambirCemetery - Old49.65338 23.49545ESJFIAJGS LTVW
RudkySambirMass Grave49.67516 23.51620 IAJGSYIULTVW
RudneLvivMass Grave49.84319 23.88299 LT
RybnykDrohobychMass Grave49.186 23.305* LT
SambirSambirCemetery - New49.51145 23.19345ESJFIAJGS* LTVW GA
SambirSambirCemetery - Old49.51338 23.19754ESJFIAJGS* LT
SambirSambirMass Grave49.51165 23.19487 IAJGSYIULT✓ VY
SasivZolochivCemetery - New49.86270 24.93786ESJF LTVW
SasivZolochivCemetery - Old49.87457 24.94527ESJF
SasivZolochivMass Grave49.88870 24.94880 IAJGSYIU ✓ VY
ShchurovychiRadekhivCemetery50.26706 25.01760ESJF LTCJA
ShchyretsPustomytyCemetery49.64946 23.86774ESJF LTCJA VW LH
ShchyretsPustomytyMass Grave49.64951 23.87041 YIULT✓ VY
ShopkyZolochivMass Grave49.74825 24.52715 LT
ShyshkivtsiBrodyCemetery49.888 25.248* LT
SiletsSokalMass Grave50.304 24.226* LT
SkelivkaStaryi SambirCemetery - New49.54046 22.96503ESJFIAJGS LT
SkelivkaStaryi SambirCemetery - Old49.53854 22.96611ESJFIAJGS LT
SkhidnytsiaBoryslavMass Grave49.20567 23.36544 IAJGS LT
SkoleSkoleCemetery49.04369 23.50971ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
SkoleSkoleMass Grave49.046 23.506* IAJGSYIULT
SmozheSkoleMass Grave48.905 23.199* YIU
SokalSokalCemetery50.48463 24.28558ESJFIAJGS LTGG
SokalSokalMass Grave50.47837, 24.30849 YIULT✓ VY
SokolivkaBuskCemetery50.03208 24.84095ESJF LT
SokolivkaBuskMass Grave - Cemetery50.032 24.841* LT✓ VY
SokolivkaBuskMass Grave - East50.032 24.858* LT✓ VY
SolianuvatkaStaryi SambirMass Grave49.58233 22.75859 LT
SosnivkaSokalMass Grave50.30531 24.23680 LT
StanislavchykBrodyCemetery50.17133 24.90826ESJF LT
StanislavchykBrodyMass Grave50.170 24.914* LT
Stara SilStaryi SambirCemetery49.48440 22.96237ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
Stara SilStaryi SambirMass Grave49.48843 22.96584 ✓ VY
Stare SeloPustomytyMass Grave49.69923 24.19240 LT
Staryi DobrotvirKamianka-BuzkaCemetery50.23121 24.36874ESJF LT
Staryi DobrotvirKamianka-BuzkaMass Grave50.231 24.368* LT
Staryi SambirStaryi SambirCemetery49.42662 22.99331ESJFIAJGS* LTGG CJA VW
Staryi SambirStaryi SambirMass Grave49.427 22.994* YIULT
StoianivRadekhivCemetery50.37489 24.64867ESJF LTVW
StremilcheRadekhivCemetery50.34142 25.04597 LT
StryiStryiCemetery - New49.25397 23.82329ESJFIAJGS LTVW
StryiStryiCemetery - Old49.25973 23.85583ESJFIAJGS LTGG
StryiStryiMass Grave - Cemetery49.25373 23.82192 LT
StryiStryiMass Grave - Center49.250 23.850* LT
Sudova VyshniaMostyskaCemetery49.79077 23.38255ESJFIAJGS LT
SvirzhPeremyshlianyCemetery - New49.64786 24.43086ESJFIAJGS LT
SvirzhPeremyshlianyCemetery - Old49.64742 24.43903 IAJGS LT
TartakivSokalCemetery50.46861 24.41043ESJF LT
TernopilliaMykolaivMass Grave49.63480 23.94419 LT
ToporivBuskCemetery - New50.11767 24.71998ESJFIAJGS LT
ToporivBuskCemetery - Old50.10812 24.73129ESJFIAJGS LTVW
ToporivBuskMass Grave50.108 24.731* YIULT
TurkaTurkaCemetery49.15683 23.03514ESJFIAJGS LTVW
TurkaTurkaMass Grave - Cemetery49.157 23.035* IAJGSYIULTVW
TurkaTurkaMass Grave - Northeast49.162 23.036* YIULT
TurkaTurkaMass Grave - Southwest49.140 23.011* YIU
UhnivSokalCemetery50.36301 23.74923ESJFIAJGS LT
UnivPeremyshlianyCemetery49.70124 24.56326ESJF LT
VariazhSokalCemetery50.52199 24.08424ESJF LT
Velyki DidushychiStryiCemetery49.16606 24.01269ESJF
Velyki DidushychiStryiMass Grave - Cemetery49.16606 24.01269ESJF
Velyki MostySokalCemetery50.24184 24.14268ESJF LT
Velyki MostySokalMass Grave - Forest50.24629 24.16568 YIULT✓ VY
Velyki MostySokalMass Grave - Synagogue50.24166 24.14088 LT
Velykyi LiubinHorodokMass Grave49.72766 23.75110 LT
Verkhnie VysotskeTurkaMass Grave 148.93424 23.05562 LT
Verkhnie VysotskeTurkaMass Grave 248.938 23.055* LT
VilkhivtsiZhydachivMass Grave49.372 24.051* YIU
VolovePeremyshlianyMass Grave49.66189 24.30903 YIULT
VuzloveRadekhivCemetery50.22558 24.54901ESJF LT
VybranivkaZhydachivCemetery49.55807 24.21990ESJFIAJGS LT
VynnykyLvivMass Grave 149.81384 24.14962 LT✓ VY
VynnykyLvivMass Grave 249.817 24.146* ✓ VY
YablunivkaBuskMass Grave50.036 24.598* YIU
YaktorivZolochivMass Grave LT
YavorivYavorivCemetery - New49.94569 23.38330ESJFIAJGS LT
YavorivYavorivCemetery - Old49.95118 23.39789ESJFIAJGS LT
YavorivYavorivCemetery - Oldest*49.94508 23.38736ESJF
YavorivYavorivMass Grave - Cemetery49.94623 23.38307 IAJGSYIU
YavorivYavorivMass Grave - Forest49.92431 23.37292 IAJGSYIULT
YelykhovychiZolochivMass Grave49.83248 24.93550 YIULTVW VY
ZarudtsiLvivMass Grave49.97748 23.97848 ✓ VY
ZavadivStryiMass Grave LT
ZavadivZhovkvaMass Grave49.950 23.955* VY
ZavodskeBuskMass Grave50.06446, 24.68767 ✓ VY
ZhovkvaZhovkvaCemetery50.05912 23.96770ESJFIAJGS LTVW
ZhovkvaZhovkvaMass Grave - Cemetery50.05906 23.96837 IAJGS LT
ZhovkvaZhovkvaMass Grave - Forest50.05523 24.01873 IAJGS ✓ VY
ZhuravnoZhydachivCemetery49.25696 24.28995ESJFIAJGS LTGG
ZhuravnoZhydachivMass Grave49.261 24.302* YIU
ZhydachivZhydachivCemetery49.39468 24.13417ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
ZhydachivZhydachivMass Grave49.395 24.134* IAJGSYIULT
ZolochivZolochivCemetery - New49.80869 24.88846ESJFIAJGS LTVW
ZolochivZolochivCemetery - Old49.80806 24.89066ESJF
ZolochivZolochivMass Grave - Castle49.80147 24.90703 IAJGSYIU ✓ VS
ZolochivZolochivMass Grave - Cemetery49.809 24.888* YIULT
Zymna VodaPustomytyMass Grave49.83176 23.87443 LT

As noted above, we expect that this table may be incomplete and may contain errors. Contact information to submit additions and corrections for inclusion is listed at the bottom of the overview page.

Identified Jewish Burial Sites on the Map

The interactive map below locates and labels all of the identified Jewish burial sites from the table above, covering both cemeteries and mass graves in contrasting colors. Identified burial sites in other oblasts of western Ukraine are also shown, in different colors. Because there are hundreds of burial sites shown on the map, the pin set is very dense, and it helps to zoom the map to distinguish individual sites. Although all or nearly all cemeteries are displayed on the map, only the mass grave sites with precisely-defined locations are shown here; for many mass grave sites, only approximate or unverified locations are known, and research continues to better locate them for memorial purposes.