Ternopil Oblast: Identified Jewish Cemeteries

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.

Photographer and researcher Christian Herrmann working in the Jewish cemetery in Tovste (Zalischyky raion). Photo © RJH.


This page presents a sortable table which lists all known Jewish burial sites in the Ternopil oblast of western Ukraine with GPS coordinates and links to information sources, some of which provide descriptions, photographs, histories, and/or other data. At the bottom of this page, we also include an interactive map showing the known burial sites in this and other oblasts of western Ukraine. Although we have attempted to include every Jewish cemetery and mass grave in the oblast, it is likely that some omissions or other errors exist in the table; we welcome input to correct and complete the listing.

This page is one of a series covering several different oblasts of western Ukraine with a common purpose and strategy.

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Historical Background

A tourism map, including Jewish sites, of the Ternopil oblast. From Pinterest.

In modern Ukraine, the Ternopil oblast lies in southwestern Ukraine, sharing borders with three of the oblasts of our original study (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivs, and Chernivtsi) and a long eastern border across the Zbruch River with the Khmelnytskyi oblast (part of the Ukrainian SSR since 1920 and before that, the Russian Empire). It is one of the smallest oblasts of Ukraine by area and by population; it is divided into 17 raions (districts) and 1 city of district significance (the city of Ternopil). As a borderland between empires known as “Ternopilshchyna” and part of eastern Halychyna, the land was often contested. Most of the region was part of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom of Galicia from the late 18th century to WWI (a northern portion of the oblast was part of neighboring Volhynia). During WWI, the Ternopil region was the field of an extended armed stalemate on the Eastern Front between the Austrian/German Central Powers and the Russian Empire. In WWII it was the eastern part of Distrikt Galizien under German occupation, facing Soviet Ukraine. After WWII the region was absorbed into Soviet Ukraine, but since 1991 it has been part of independent Ukraine.

Demographically, until the post-WWII period the region had always been diverse. In the 1921 Polish census, of the roughly 1.43 million residents of the voivodeship, about 715 thousand identified themselves as ethnically Ukrainian (rusińską in the census) and almost 850 thousand as Greek Catholic; just over 640 thousand self-identified as Polish, and about 450 thousand as Roman Catholic; 69 thousand self-identified ethnically as Jewish, and almost 129 thousand as religiously Jewish; the remainder of the residents called themselves religiously Evangelical Christian or other (less than 4 thousand), and with many different ethnic groups but totaling fewer than 500 people. Thus, many religious Jews considered themselves Polish. Overall, Jews as a religious group before WWII made up just over 9% of the area’s population, which was also typical for eastern Galicia in earlier years.

Jewish Burial Grounds: Cemeteries and Wartime Mass Graves

In the table below, identified Jewish cemeteries and mass graves are listed by name, raion (district), and type of site. All place names are listed by the current convention of English transliteration of official Ukrainian names. Where possible for each burial site, GPS coordinates (technically, coordinates which conform to the standard known as the World Geodetic System) are listed and linked to a digital map. If the listed GPS coordinates include an asterisk (*) and no map link, this means that the coordinates are only approximate, and that we and our sources did not have confirmed and precise information to confidently locate the site; although the general location is known, additional verification is needed. Then, where available, links to web data from several sources are tabulated; each of the sources provides different but overlapping data types, both descriptive and numerical. Integrating and reconciling data from different sources is often difficult due to varying standards in place names and descriptions, and we recognize that some locations may not have been identified here from our sources and our own research; we welcome input and comments on omissions and errors.

The major sources are named briefly here; these and other sources are described more fully on the overview page.

ESJF = ESJF European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative
IAJGS = IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project
YIU = Yahad – In Unum
LT = Lo Tishkach European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative

The table below is interactive. The number of visible rows on the page can be selected from 10, 25, 50, or 100, in a selector at the upper left. The table can be searched for specific town or raion names, in a box at the upper right. Place names can be sorted A-Z or Z-A, for example to list burial sites by town name or raion.

Town/VillageRaion/CityBurial SiteGPSESJFIAJGSYIULTOther
BaryshBuchachCemetery49.03566 25.26660ESJF
BerezhanyBerezhanyCemetery49.44287 24.92989ESJFIAJGS LTGG CJA VW
BerezhanyBerezhanyMass Grave - Cemetery49.443 24.929* IAJGSYIULT
BerezhanyBerezhanyMass Grave - Center West49.443 24.930* YIULT
BerezhanyBerezhanyMass Grave - Southwest49.424 24.892* YIU
BilobozhnytsiaChortkivMass Grave LT
BilozirkaLanivtsiCemetery49.77022 26.22511ESJF
BohdanivkaPidvolochyskMass Grave49.558 26.013* YIU
BorshchivBorshchivCemetery - New48.80572 26.02306ESJF LT
BorshchivBorshchivCemetery - Old48.80592 26.03959ESJF
BorshchivBorshchivMass Grave48.80637 26.02302 YIU
BuchachBuchachCemetery49.06383 25.40115ESJFIAJGS LTJGB CJA VW
BuchachBuchachMass Grave - Cemetery49.064 25.399* LT
BuchachBuchachMass Grave - Hill 149.056 25.401* IAJGSYIU
BuchachBuchachMass Grave - Hill 249.056 25.411* IAJGSYIU
BudanivTerebovliaCemetery - New49.15976 25.71691ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
BudanivTerebovliaCemetery - Old49.15948 25.70937ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
ChortkivChortkivCemetery - Cholera49.01788 25.78176ESJFIAJGS LTVW
ChortkivChortkivCemetery - New49.00792 25.80146ESJFIAJGS LTVW
ChortkivChortkivCemetery - Old49.01637 25.79182ESJFIAJGS LTGG VW
ChortkivChortkivMass Grave - Northeast49.02682 25.84334 ✓ VY
ChortkivChortkivMass Grave - Southwest48.968 25.752* YIULTVY
ChystylivTernopilMass Grave49.611 25.566* YIU
DobriankaBorshchivMass Grave48.840 25.955* YIU
DolynaTerebovliaCemetery49.21224 25.73552ESJF
HolovchyntsiZalishchykyMass Grave48.823 25.737* YIU
HrymailivHusiatynCemetery49.33340 26.01662ESJFIAJGS LTGG VW
HrymailivHusiatynMass Grave - Cemetery49.335 26.017* YIULT
HrymailivHusiatynMass Grave - Center49.331 26.008* YIU
HrymailivHusiatynMass Grave - Center West49.331 26.007* YIU
HrymailivHusiatynMass Grave - Southeast49.328 26.020* YIU
HusiatynHusiatynCemetery49.07256 26.19359ESJFIAJGS LTVW FPC VY
HusiatynHusiatynMass Grave49.07301 26.20626 IAJGSYIULT
KalneKozovaMass Grave49.385 25.155* YIU
KamiankyPidvolochyskMass Grave - Center49.544 26.022* YIU
KamiankyPidvolochyskMass Grave - Southeast49.529 26.054* LT
KamiankyPidvolochyskMass Grave - West49.546 26.016* YIU
KasperivtsiZalishchykyCemetery48.66204 25.84985ESJF
KaterynivkaKremenetsCemetery50.00381 25.87461ESJFIAJGS LT
KaterynivkaKremenetsMass Grave49.99567 25.88805 IAJGSYIULT
Khorostkiv HusiatynCemetery49.21978 25.91528ESJFIAJGS LT
Khorostkiv HusiatynMass Grave49.219 25.935* IAJGS LT
KopychyntsiHusiatynCemetery - New49.09927 25.90417ESJF LTGG CJA
KopychyntsiHusiatynCemetery - Old49.10555 25.90596ESJFIAJGS GG
KopychyntsiHusiatynMass Grave - East 149.097 25.925* YIULT
KopychyntsiHusiatynMass Grave - East 249.099 25.927* YIULT
KopychyntsiHusiatynMass Grave - West49.095 25.898* YIU
KorolivkaBorshchivCemetery48.74700 25.99845ESJF LTCJA VW
KoropetsMonastyryskaCemetery48.93392 25.18547ESJF CJA
KoropetsMonastyryskaMass Grave48.934 25.187* YIU
KosivChortkivMass Grave49.115 25.624* YIU
KozlivKozovaCemetery49.54901 25.35661ESJF
KozovaKozovaCemetery49.42627 25.14240ESJF VW GA
KozovaKozovaMass Grave49.423 25.146* YIU
KremenetsKremenetsCemetery50.10637 25.73473ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
KremenetsKremenetsMass Grave 150.11751 25.69552 IAJGS LTCJA
KremenetsKremenetsMass Grave 250.09381 25.71825 LT✓ VY
KremenetsKremenetsMass Grave 350.09227 25.71844 ✓ VY
KryvcheBorshchivCemetery48.69386 26.10387ESJF
LanivtsiLanivtsiCemetery - New49.85845 26.10253ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
LanivtsiLanivtsiCemetery - Old49.86909 26.09279ESJFIAJGS
LanivtsiLanivtsiMass Grave49.85846 26.10235 IAJGSYIU
LavrykivtsiZborivMass Grave49.647 25.057* YIU
LitiatynBerezhanyMass Grave49.384 25.022* YIU
Melnytsia PodilskaBorshchivCemetery - New48.61241 26.16672ESJF CJA VW
Melnytsia PodilskaBorshchivCemetery - Old48.61146 26.16551ESJFIAJGS LT
Melnytsia PodilskaBorshchivMass Grave48.612 26.167* IAJGSYIU
MonastyryskaMonastyryskaCemetery - New49.08838 25.18034ESJF
MonastyryskaMonastyryskaCemetery - Old49.09370 25.16381ESJF
MonastyryskaMonastyryskaMass Grave49.089 25.179* YIU
MshanetsTerebovliaMass Grave49.222 25.778* YIU
MukhavkaChortkivMass Grave48.898 25.729* YIU
MykulyntsiTerebovliaCemetery49.38863 25.61132ESJFIAJGS LTGG
MykulyntsiTerebovliaMass Grave49.389 25.612* LT
MylivtsiChortkivMass Grave - Northwest 148.888 25.813* YIU
MylivtsiChortkivMass Grave - Northwest 248.885 25.815* YIU
MylivtsiChortkivMass Grave - Northwest 348.886 25.815* YIU
NahiriankaChortkivMass Grave48.934 25.740* YIULT
NaraivBerezhanyCemetery49.52731 24.77960ESJF
Novyi OleksynetsKremenetsCemetery49.83516 25.50430ESJF
OkopyBorshchivCemetery48.54085 26.40868ESJF
OzerianyBorshchivCemetery - New48.87323 25.95203ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
OzerianyBorshchivCemetery - Old48.87516 25.94987ESJFIAJGS LT
OzerianyBorshchivMass Grave48.873 25.952* YIULT
OzernaZborivCemetery49.62417 25.31266ESJF
OzernaZborivMass Grave49.624 25.312* YIULT
PerevolokaBuchachMass Grave LT
PidhaitsiPidhaitsiCemetery49.26554 25.13225ESJFIAJGS LTJGB CJA GG VW
PidhaitsiPidhaitsiMass Grave - Cemetery49.26511 25.13281 IAJGSYIULT
PidhaitsiPidhaitsiMass Grave - East49.275 25.170* YIULT
PidhaitsiPidhaitsiMass Grave - North49.279 25.132* YIU
PidvolochyskPidvolochyskCemetery49.52347 26.14938ESJF
PidvolochyskPidvolochyskMass Grave49.53405 26.14072 YIULT✓ VY
PidvysokeNaraivCemetery49.39246 24.78911ESJF
PlebanivkaTerebovliaMass Grave49.28769 25.71958 IAJGSYIULT
PlotychaTernopilMass Grave49.615 25.573* YIU
PochaivKremenetsCemetery49.99772 25.51896ESJF LT
PochaivKremenetsMass Grave 149.998 25.519* IAJGSYIULT
PochaivKremenetsMass Grave 250.004 25.520* LT
PomirtsiBuchachMass Grave - West 149.005 25.432* YIU
PomirtsiBuchachMass Grave - West 249.006 25.430* YIU
ProbizhnaChortkivCemetery49.02763 25.97905ESJF VW
ProbizhnaChortkivMass Grave49.027 25.979* YIU
RokhmanivShumskCemetery50.13003 26.08799ESJF
RosokhachChortkivMass Grave48.940 25.810* YIU
RozhanivkaZalishchykyMass Grave48.844 25.697* YIU
ShulhanivkaChortkivMass Grave48.957 25.711* YIU
ShumskShumskCemetery - New50.11937 26.12340ESJFIAJGS LT
ShumskShumskCemetery - Old50.12381 26.11557ESJF
ShumskShumskMass Grave50.115 26.107* IAJGSYIULT
Skala-PodilskaBorshchivCemetery48.84945 26.19744ESJFIAJGS LTGG CJA VW
Skala-PodilskaBorshchivMass Grave48.850 26.197* YIU
SkalatPidvolochyskCemetery49.42957 25.98280ESJF VW
SkalatPidvolochyskMass Grave - Center49.430 25.982* YIU
SkalatPidvolochyskMass Grave - East49.43496 26.00250 YIULTVW
Staryi VyshnivetsZbarazhMass Grave49.88625.756* YIULT
StrusivTerebovliaCemetery49.34000 25.60883ESJFIAJGS LT
StupkyTernopilMass Grave49.535 25.758* YIU
SvydovaChortkivMass Grave48.878 25.723* LTVY
TerebovliaTerebovliaCemetery49.30556 25.69162ESJFIAJGS LTGG
TernopilTernopilCemetery - New49.53831 25.60329ESJFIAJGS LTGG CJA VW
TernopilTernopilCemetery - Old49.54670 25.60059ESJFIAJGS LTGG
TernopilTernopilMass Grave - Southeast 149.544 25.602* YIU
TernopilTernopilMass Grave - Southeast 249.541 25.597* YIU
TernopilTernopilMass Grave - Southwest49.54020 25.57514 YIULT✓ VY
TovsteZalishchykyCemetery48.84961 25.73207ESJFIAJGS LTJGB GG CJA VW
TovsteZalishchykyMass Grave48.84941 25.73229 IAJGSYIULT
TravotolokyZborivMass Grave49.644 25.058* YIU
UhrynChortkivMass Grave48.993 25.842* YIU
UlashkivtsiChortkivCemetery - New48.89805 25.83116ESJF
UlashkivtsiChortkivCemetery - Old48.90029 25.82422ESJF
UlashkivtsiChortkivMass Grave48.903 25.823* YIU
UstechkoZalishchykyCemetery48.77498 25.59075ESJF GG
UstiaBorshchivCemetery48.61235 26.08563ESJFIAJGS LT
Ustia-ZeleneMonastyryskaCemetery49.02162 24.96351ESJF CJA
Velyki BerezhtsiKremenetsCemetery50.10236 25.59443ESJF
Velyki BirkyTernopilMass Grave49.525 25.740* LT
Velykyi HlybochokBorshchivMass Grave - Center49.617 25.534* YIU
Velykyi HlybochokBorshchivMass Grave - Northeast49.623 25.540* YIULT
VyshhorodokLanivtsiCemetery - New49.76345 25.96855ESJF
VyshhorodokLanivtsiCemetery - Old49.76580 25.97288ESJF
VyshnivchykTerebovliaCemetery49.23312 25.37933ESJF
VyshnivetsZbarazhCemetery - Center49.90099 25.74386ESJFIAJGS LT
VyshnivetsZbarazhCemetery - New49.90897 25.74711ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
VyshnivetsZbarazhCemetery - Old49.90464 25.74421ESJFIAJGS CJA VW
VyshnivetsZbarazhMass Grave - Cemetery LT
VyshnivetsZbarazhMass Grave - South LT
YablunivHusiatynCemetery49.14950 25.85279ESJF
YahilnytsiaChortkivCemetery48.94053 25.75350ESJF GA
YahilnytsiaChortkivMass Grave48.967 25.752* LTVY
YazlovetsBuchachCemetery48.96574 25.44355ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
ZalishchykyZalishchykyCemetery48.64416 25.72714ESJF VW
ZalishchykyZalishchykyMass Grave - Center48.642 25.727* YIU
ZalishchykyZalishchykyMass Grave - North48.65568 25.73477 YIULT
ZaliztsiZborivCemetery49.79203 25.38015ESJF GG VW
ZaliztsiZborivMass Grave - Center49.792 25.381* YIULT
ZaliztsiZborivMass Grave - North49.802 25.382* YIU
ZaliztsiZborivMass Grave - South49.777 25.378* YIU
ZavalivPidhaitsiCemetery49.20753 25.02896ESJF
ZbarazhZbarazhCemetery - New49.67415 25.76332ESJF VW CJA
ZbarazhZbarazhCemetery - Old49.66998 25.77528ESJF GG VW
ZbarazhZbarazhMass Grave 149.681 25.767* YIULT
ZbarazhZbarazhMass Grave 2 LT
ZborivZborivCemetery49.66338 25.13387ESJF
ZborivZborivMass Grave - Center49.665 25.144* YIU
ZborivZborivMass Grave - Center North49.66527 25.14403 YIULT
ZborivZborivMass Grave - Northwest49.673 25.128* YIULT
ZolotnykyTerebovliaCemetery49.28892 25.36890ESJF
Zolotyi PotikBuchachCemetery48.91168 25.34083ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
ZozulyntsiZalishchykyMass Grave - West 148.590 25.901* YIU
ZozulyntsiZalishchykyMass Grave - West 248.592 25.897* YIU

As noted above, we expect that this table may be incomplete and may contain errors. Contact information to submit additions and corrections for inclusion is listed at the bottom of the overview page.

Identified Jewish Burial Sites on the Map

The interactive map below locates and labels all of the identified Jewish burial sites from the table above, covering both cemeteries and mass graves in contrasting colors. Identified burial sites in other oblasts of western Ukraine are also shown, in different colors. Because there are hundreds of burial sites shown on the map, the pin set is very dense, and it helps to zoom the map to distinguish individual sites. Although all or nearly all cemeteries are displayed on the map, only the mass grave sites with precisely-defined locations are shown here; for many mass grave sites, only approximate or unverified locations are known, and research continues to better locate them for memorial purposes.