References: Fences, Walls, and Gates

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.


Gabion fence and gate at the new Jewish cemetery of
Bila Tserkva (Zakarpattia oblast). Photo © ESJF.

This page lists print and electronic references which provide information to guide the maintenance and repair of fences, gates, walls around Jewish cemeteries. These references are relevant to the guide section on cemetery access and protection on this website. Some of the references are intended to aid the design and construction of new fences or walls; this information can also be used to support strategies for maintaining existing cemetery boundary protections. Fences and walls can be constructed from a very wide variety of materials using broad but region-specific methods; sometimes the best references for cemetery fences and walls in western Ukraine will be the more general designs seen when simply traveling the area.

Most of the references listed here detail considerations, tools, and methods for repairing and maintaining (or designing and constructing) lightweight fences and walls intended only to mark and protect cemetery boundaries, but some of the print references also include information on heavier retaining walls for structure and soil management, and several of the web pages either address this issue directly or link to other web pages where the topic is covered in more detail.

A few of the listed references are highlighted with brief summaries in the first section below, “key references”. Other useful resources on this subject may be found in the sections on regional and international experts, and on technical tools, methods, and data. Except where noted otherwise, all references listed here are in English.

Key References

Fences, Walls & Gates: Building Techniques, Tools and Materials, Design Ideas; Sunset Books, eds.; Oxmoor House, 2004.
Although tailored for homes and gardens in the western US, this is a practical introduction to the styles, materials, and construction methods of a wide variety of fences, walls, and gates, and is easily adapted to other regions. An introductory section on considerations and design ideas includes images and suggestions for wooden and metal fences, masonry walls, living fences, gates, and detailing. The building basics section outlines tools, materials, and methods from layout to post setting to rails and siding; masonry wall methods are explained for concrete, brick, and natural stone. Additional details are included on gate construction, fasteners, and hardware. The book is out of print, but is freely available to borrow electronically via the Internet Archive and their Open Library.

How to build a gabion wall; Catherine Stewart; Garden Drum; web page, 2012.
A clear and well-illustrated guide to building attractive walls primarily with stone, using materials and do-it-yourself methods suitable for builders without professional experience or tools. Based on a single home project, but with comments to explain the decisions made so that the guide can be used in a broader range of projects.

Printed and Electronic Books

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