Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast: Identified Jewish Cemeteries

Lions figure prominently on a row of stones in the Jewish cemetery in Bolekhiv. Photo © RJH.

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.


This page presents a sortable table which lists all known Jewish burial sites in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast of western Ukraine with GPS coordinates and links to information sources, some of which provide descriptions, photographs, histories, and/or other data. At the bottom of this page, we also include an interactive map showing the known burial sites in this and other oblasts of western Ukraine. Although we have attempted to include every Jewish cemetery and mass grave in the oblast, it is likely that some omissions or other errors exist in the table; we welcome input to correct and complete the listing.

This page is one of a series covering several different oblasts of western Ukraine with a common purpose and strategy.

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Historical Background

A modern map of cultural heritage sites published by the administration of the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.

In modern Ukraine, the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast lies in southwestern Ukraine, sharing long borders with the other four oblasts of our original study (Lviv, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, and Zakarpattia) and a short border with Romania. It is one of the smallest oblasts of Ukraine by area, but medium-sized by population, and is divided into 14 raions (districts) and 6 cities of district significance. Both the borders and the name of the region have changed over time, sometimes significantly: as a part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the oblast was known as Stanislav until 1962; in WWII it was part of Distrikt Galizien under German occupation; under Polish rule in the interwar period it was called the Stanisławów voivodeship. The region was part of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom of Galicia from the late 18th century to WWI. Regardless of the governing powers, the area forms a core part of the historic regions of eastern Halychyna and Prykarpattia.

Demographically, until the post-war period the region had always been diverse. In the 1921 Polish census, of the roughly 1.35 million residents of the voivodeship, about 941 thousand identified themselves as ethnically Ukrainian (rusińską in the census) and almost 1 million as Greek Catholic; 300 thousand self-identified as Polish, and just under 200 thousand as Roman Catholic; 92 thousand self-identified ethnically as Jewish, and 145 thousand as religiously Jewish; the remainder of the residents called themselves religiously Evangelical Christian (10 thousand), with many different ethnic groups but totaling fewer than 2000 people. Thus, many religious Jews considered themselves Polish. Overall, Jews as a religious group before WWII made up almost 11% of the area’s population, which was also typical for eastern Galicia in earlier years.

Jewish Burial Grounds: Cemeteries and Wartime Mass Graves

In the table below, identified Jewish cemeteries and mass graves are listed by name, raion (district), and type of site. All place names are listed by the current convention of English transliteration of official Ukrainian names. Where possible for each burial site, GPS coordinates (technically, coordinates which conform to the standard known as the World Geodetic System) are listed and linked to a digital map. If the listed GPS coordinates include an asterisk (*) and no map link, this means that the coordinates are only approximate, and that we and our sources did not have confirmed and precise information to confidently locate the site; although the general location is known, additional verification is needed. Then, where available, links to web data from several sources are tabulated; each of the sources provides different but overlapping data types, both descriptive and numerical. Integrating and reconciling data from different sources is often difficult due to varying standards in place names and descriptions, and we recognize that some locations may not have been identified here from our sources and our own research; we welcome input and comments on omissions and errors.

The major sources are named briefly here; these and other sources are described more fully on the overview page.

ESJF = ESJF European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative
IAJGS = IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project
YIU = Yahad – In Unum
LT = Lo Tishkach European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative

The table below is interactive. The number of visible rows on the page can be selected from 10, 25, 50, or 100, in a selector at the upper left. The table can be searched for specific town or raion names, in a box at the upper right. Place names can be sorted A-Z or Z-A, for example to list burial sites by town name or raion.

Town/VillageRaion/CityBurial SiteGPSESJFIAJGSYIULTOther
Bila RichkaVerkhovynaMass Grave47.982 24.913* YIU
BilshivtsiHalychCemetery49.18568 24.73462ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
BilshivtsiHalychMass Grave - Cemetery49.18553 24.73463 VW
BohorodchanyBohorodchanyCemetery48.81311 24.53937ESJFIAJGS GG CJA VW
BohorodchanyBohorodchanyMass Grave48.813 24.539* YIU
BolekhivBolekhivCemetery49.05736 23.85710ESJF JGB GG CJA VW
BolekhivBolekhivMass Grave - Cemetery49.05724 23.85608 YIU
BolekhivBolekhivMass Grave - Center49.070 23.856* YIULT
BolekhivBolekhivMass Grave - Northwest49.08599 23.82695 YIU
BolekhivBolekhivMass Grave - Southwest49.054 23.844* YIU
Broshniv-OsadaRozhniativMass Grave48.997 24.183* YIULTCJA
BukachivtsiRohatynCemetery49.25214 24.50223 IAJGS LTGG CJA
BukachivtsiRohatynMass Grave - East49.250 24.491* YIU
BukachivtsiRohatynMass Grave - West49.250 24.482* YIU
BurshtynHalychCemetery49.26322 24.62780ESJFIAJGS LTJGB CJA VW
ChernelytsiaHorodenkaCemetery - New48.81361 25.41166ESJF CJA VW
ChernelytsiaHorodenkaCemetery - Old48.81110 25.42563ESJF VW
ChernelytsiaHorodenkaMass Grave48.804 25.431* YIU
ChesnykyRohatynMass Grave49.38188 24.74222 ✓ RR
DeliatynNadvirnaCemetery48.53305 24.62557ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
DeliatynNadvirnaMass Grave48.53886 24.64056 IAJGSYIULTVW VY
DemianivHalychMass Grave49.233 24.632* YIU
DolynaDolynaCemetery48.96209 23.99481 IAJGS LTCJA VW
DolynaDolynaMass Grave48.96225 23.99549 YIU CJA VY
HalychHalychCemetery - Karaite49.12934 24.71565ESJF CJA VW
HalychHalychCemetery - New49.11258 24.72566ESJFIAJGS CJA
HalychHalychCemetery - Old49.12888 24.71555ESJF
HalychHalychMass Grave49.125 24.729* YIULT
HorodenkaHorodenkaCemetery - New48.66780 25.51478ESJFIAJGS LTCJA
HorodenkaHorodenkaCemetery - Old48.66837 25.51382ESJF CJA VW
HorodenkaHorodenkaMass Grave48.668 25.515* IAJGSYIU CJA
HvizdetsKolomyiaCemetery48.57244 25.28419ESJF VW
HvizdetsKolomyiaMass Grave48.573 25.284* ✓ RJH
IltsiVerkhovynaMass Grave48.15877 24.76641 YIU CJA VY
Ivano-FrankivskIvano-FrankivskCemetery - New48.91630 24.68314ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
Ivano-FrankivskIvano-FrankivskCemetery - Old48.92011 24.72255ESJFIAJGS GG
Ivano-FrankivskIvano-FrankivskMass Grave - Cemetery48.917 24.683* IAJGSYIULT
Ivano-FrankivskIvano-FrankivskMass Grave - Center48.919 24.722* YIU
Ivano-FrankivskIvano-FrankivskMass Grave - Northwest48.96125 24.63703 YIU ✓ GC
KalushKalushCemetery49.02828 24.35687ESJFIAJGS GG CJA VW CUH
KalushKalushMass Grave49.02866 24.35620 YIULTCJA
KhotymyrTlumachCemetery48.76660 25.10778ESJF
KniahynychiRohatynCemetery49.38260 24.45808ESJF GG
KolomyiaKolomyiaCemetery - New48.53126 25.05949ESJFIAJGS LT
KolomyiaKolomyiaCemetery - Old48.53424 25.04246ESJFIAJGS LTGA GG VW
KolomyiaKolomyiaCemetery - Oldest48.52375 25.03799 IAJGS LTGG
KosivKosivCemetery48.32169 25.09316ESJFIAJGS LTGA JGB CJA
KosivKosivMass Grave - Cemetery48.322 25.093* IAJGSYIULTCJA
KosivKosivMass Grave - North48.323 25.089* YIU VY
KosivKosivMass Grave - Northwest48.335 25.072* YIU
KulachkivtsiSniatynCemetery48.56184 25.28403ESJF
KulachkivtsiSniatynMass Grave48.562 25.284* YIU
KutyKosivCemetery48.25910 25.17301ESJFIAJGS LTGA JGB CJA VW
KutyKosivMass Grave48.260 25.173* YIULT
LanchynNadvirnaCemetery48.56478 24.77463ESJF VW
LanchynNadvirnaMass Grave48.556 24.721* YIULT
LoievaNadvirnaMass Grave48.58235 24.59087 YIU ✓ VY
LysetsTysmenytsiaCemetery48.87407 24.61270ESJFIAJGS LTJGB CJA VW
LysetsTysmenytsiaMass Grave48.874 24.613* IAJGS
MariiampilHalychCemetery49.03668 24.85813ESJF LT
MykhalcheHorodenkaMass Grave48.78662 25.56837 YIULTVY
MykulychynYaremcheCemetery48.40271 24.60889ESJF CJA VW
MykulychynYaremcheMass Grave48.41803 24.59714 YIULT
NadvirnaNadvirnaCemetery48.63610 24.57698ESJFIAJGS LTJGB GG VW CJA
NadvirnaNadvirnaMass Grave 48.62017 24.59534 IAJGSYIULTCJA
NezvyskoHorodenkaMass Grave LT
NyzhnivTlumachCemetery48.94515 25.09344ESJFIAJGS LT
Nyzhnia LypytsiaRohatynMass Grave YIU RJH
ObertynTlumachCemetery48.69982 25.17366ESJFIAJGS LTGG
ObertynTlumachMass Grave48.700 25.174* YIU
OtyniiaKolomyiaCemetery48.73090 24.86210ESJF LTCJA
OtyniiaKolomyiaMass Grave48.731 24.862* YIULT
PechenizhynKolomyiaCemetery48.51031 24.88481ESJFIAJGS LTGA JGB CJA VW
PechenizhynKolomyiaMass Grave48.510 24.884* YIU
PerehinskeRozhniativCemetery48.82353 24.20290ESJF CJA
PistynKosivCemetery48.36747 25.03227ESJF CJA
PistynKosivMass Grave48.368 25.032* YIULT
PotichokSniatynMass Grave48.480 25.566* YIU
PutiatyntsiRohatynCemetery - New49.38350 24.63575 ✓ RJH
PutiatyntsiRohatynCemetery - Old49.37034 24.65806 ✓ RJH
RohatynRohatynCemetery - New49.41990 24.60780ESJFIAJGS LTRJH VW CJA VS
RohatynRohatynCemetery - Old49.40770 24.61590ESJFIAJGS LTRJH VW CJA VS GG
RohatynRohatynMass Grave - North49.41800 24.60800 IAJGSYIULTRJH VW CJA VS
RohatynRohatynMass Grave - South49.40350 24.62760 YIU RJH VW CJA VS
RozhniativRozhniativCemetery48.94510 24.15352ESJFIAJGS LTJGB GG CJA VW
SheparivtsiKolomyiaMass Grave48.55540 24.99054 IAJGSYIULTCJA VY
ShevchenkoveDolynaMass Grave - North48.900 23.921* YIU
ShevchenkoveDolynaMass Grave - South48.897 23.923* YIU
Sivka-KaluskaKalushMass Grave49.01493 24.30605 YIULT✓ VY
SniatynSniatynCemetery - New48.45594 25.54895ESJFIAJGS LTCJA VW
SniatynSniatynCemetery - Old48.45441 25.55248ESJFIAJGS LT
SniatynSniatynMass Grave48.447 25.543* YIULT
SolotvynBohorodchanyCemetery48.70228 24.42742ESJF LTJGB GG CJA
StratynRohatynCemetery49.46439 24.70103ESJF
TatarivYaremcheCemetery48.34167 24.57916ESJF CJA
TatarivYaremcheMass Grave48.34186 24.55101 YIU ✓ VY
TenetnykyHalychMass Grave49.245 24.532* YIU
TlumachTlumachCemetery - New48.87645 25.00732 IAJGS LT
TlumachTlumachCemetery - Old48.86880 25.00086ESJFIAJGS LT
TlumachTlumachMass Grave48.87655 25.00734 IAJGSYIULTCJA
TroitsiaSniatynMass Grave LT
TysmenytsiaTysmenytsiaCemetery - New48.90733 24.83592ESJFIAJGS LT
TysmenytsiaTysmenytsiaCemetery - Old48.90288 24.84359ESJF
TysmenytsiaTysmenytsiaCemetery - Oldest48.90397 24.84923ESJF
TysmenytsiaTysmenytsiaMass Grave48.90738 24.83595 YIU
VerkhovynaVerkhovynaCemetery48.15447 24.78928ESJF CJA
VoinylivKalushCemetery49.13110 24.48649ESJFIAJGS LT
VorokhtaYaremcheMass Grave48.265 24.586* YIULT
VyhivkaHalychMass Grave49.256 24.570* YIU
VyshkivDolynaMass Grave48.725 23.654* YIU
VyshkivDolynaMass Grave - Southwest YIU
YablunivKosivCemetery48.40601 24.95274ESJF LTJGB CJA VW
YablunivKosivMass Grave48.40579 24.95323 LT
YablunytsiaVerkhovynaMass Grave48.017 24.911* YIU
YablunytsiaYaremcheMass Grave48.312 24.468* YIU
YaremcheYaremcheMass Grave LT
YezupilTysmenytsiaCemetery49.04410 24.79176ESJF
YezupilTysmenytsiaMass Grave49.044 24.792* YIU
ZabolotivSniatynCemetery48.46950 25.28868ESJFIAJGS LTGA CJA
ZabolotivSniatynMass Grave - Southwest 148.455 25.270* IAJGSYIULT
ZabolotivSniatynMass Grave - Southwest 248.454 25.268* YIU
ZhurivRohatynCemetery49.30740 24.45897 RJH GG

As noted above, we expect that this table may be incomplete and may contain errors. Contact information to submit additions and corrections for inclusion is listed at the bottom of the overview page.

Identified Jewish Burial Sites on the Map

The interactive map below locates and labels all of the identified Jewish burial sites from the table above, covering both cemeteries and mass graves in contrasting colors. Identified burial sites in other oblasts of western Ukraine are also shown, in different colors. Because there are hundreds of burial sites shown on the map, the pin set is very dense, and it helps to zoom the map to distinguish individual sites. Although all or nearly all cemeteries are displayed on the map, only the mass grave sites with precisely-defined locations are shown here; for many mass grave sites, only approximate or unverified locations are known, and research continues to better locate them for memorial purposes.