Known Cemetery Projects, At a Glance

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.


The Jewish cemetery of Kuzmino (Zakarpattia oblast) before and after clearing and fencing projects in 2015. Photos © ESJF.

Other pages on this website list and link every identified Jewish burial site in western Ukraine, compiling data from other organizations and individuals plus personal research. On this page we list the much smaller subset of those cemeteries and mass graves where there is evidence of current active or sustained past projects to preserve the Jewish heritage at the site, in some way. Again we primarily use public websites to compile this list, but a significant portion of the data comes from visiting the sites and from communication with activists who often work without an internet presence or public recognition. Additional sources for information compiled here include Jewish Heritage Europe‘s news section, ESJF European Cemeteries Initiative project pages, and a small number of Facebook pages organized around specific western Ukrainian towns and burial sites.

After a brief description of project categories/types listed in this data, the data is tabulated by oblast to provide a quick overview of the sites and the different types of projects at each site.

Project information and contact links for Jewish cemeteries and mass graves in western Ukraine which are not listed in the table on this page may be forwarded to the contacts at Rohatyn Jewish Heritage for research and possible inclusion. We welcome any additions; knowledge about projects can help identify opportunities for support and learning.

Site Project Categories

Volunteers clear vegetation in the old Jewish cemetery of Rohatyn (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast) in 2018. Photo © RJH.

Ten project categories have been identified for inclusion in the table, corresponding roughly to the categories detailed in the project guide overview. The categories are:

RD = research and documentation: Historical research about the burial site and its associated Jewish community, and/or a catalog of images and transcribed/translated epitaphs of headstones at the site.
VC = vegetation clearing: Significant and/or regular clearing of wild vegetation, trash, etc.
HR = headstone recovery: Research, recovery, and return of Jewish headstones and fragments to their cemetery of origin.
LS = landscaping: Design and development which may include rock work, planting of ground cover, or decorative persistent trees and shrubs.
SC = stone conservation: Cleaning, repair, and resetting of headstones.
MM = memorial monument(s): Permanent memorials to the local Jewish community and/or local Holocaust martyrs.
SG = signage: Directional and/or informational signage about the site and the history of the local Jewish community.
FW= fencing or walls: Burial site boundary markers or barriers, including fences, walls, and gates.
SA = sustaining activity: Ongoing inspection, assessment, repair, and continuation work on past projects at the site.
MW = media and website(s): One or more project websites, social media sites or groups, or regular journal features.

What is a “Project”?

Repaired and reset headstones in the Jewish cemetery of Rozdil (Lviv oblast). Photo © RJH.

For this listing, a “project” is some form of activity intended to preserve memory of the cemetery and the Jewish community which it served, or for a mass grave, the community which was killed there. Efforts which work primarily or exclusively to identify and locate a burial site are already listed on the Identified Cemeteries pages and are not duplicated here. Memorials which are erected at a site to commemorate one or a few individuals (e.g. family members or tzadikim), rather than the community and the site itself, also are not included here. If there is evidence of a past project but the original work has significantly decayed (e.g. a perimeter fence or wall which has substantially collapsed), that is also not indicated as a current or sustained project. These judgments are acknowledged as imperfect, based on personal visits to sites and/or online images and other documentation, and are subject to review and update as new information becomes available – and new projects begin.

Because the focus here is on burial sites, active projects which aim to research, recover, and return Jewish headstones taken from cemeteries during or after WWII do not appear on these lists if there is no extant Jewish cemetery to which the stones can be returned. Collections of displaced headstones used in Soviet-era building projects, for example at former collective farms in Chabarivka (from the destroyed cemetery in Husiatyn) and Monastyryska (both in the Ternopil oblast), and at a Christian cemetery in Radekhiv and a former collective farm in Pomoriany (both in the Lviv oblast), are “orphan projects”, even if currently active, and they do not appear on these lists.

Projects At a Glance

The known projects are listed alphabetically below in a separate table for each oblast. For each burial site, the project activity is indicated with a symbol:

✡ = current or past project activity
▲ = current active project planning

If no symbol is present, that project activity type is not known to be current or sustained at the site.

Lviv Oblast:

Belz: CemeteryLink
Berezdivtsi: CemeteryLink
Bibrka: CemeteryLink
Borove: Mass Grave - ForestLink
Boryslav: Cemetery - NewLink
Boryslav: Cemetery - OldLink
Boryslav: Mass Grave - EastLink
Boryslav: Mass Grave - NorthLink
Boryslav: Mass Grave - SouthwestLink
Brody: Cemetery - NewLink
Brody: Cemetery - OldLink
Brody: Mass GraveLink
Busk: CemeteryLink
Chervonohrad: Cemetery
Chervonohrad: Mass GraveLink
Dobromyl: CemeteryLink
Drohobych: Cemetery - NewLink
Drohobych: Cemetery - OldLink
Drohobych: Mass Grave - ForestLink
Hirske: Mass GraveLink
Horodok: Mass Grave - SouthLink
Husakiv: CemeteryLink
Khyriv: Cemetery - OldLink
Komarno: CemeteryLink
Leshniv: CemeteryLink
Lviv: Cemetery - OldLink
Lviv: Cemetery - YanivLink
Lviv: Mass Grave - YanivLink
Lysynychi: Mass GraveLink
Mostyska: CemeteryLink
Nemyriv: CemeteryLink
Novi Strilyshcha: CemeteryLink
Noviy Vytkiv: CemeteryLink
Noviy Yarychiv: Mass GraveLink
Olesko: Cemetery - NewLink
Peremyshliany: Cemetery - NewLink
Peremyshliany: Cemetery - OldLink
Peremyshliany: Mass Grave - EastLink
Radekhiv: Cemetery - OldLink
Ralivka: Mass Grave 1Link
Rava-Ruska: Cemetery - NewLink
Rava-Ruska: Cemetery - OldLink
Rava-Ruska: Mass Grave - New Cem 1Link
Rozdil: CemeteryLink
Rudky: Cemetery - NewLink
Rudky: Mass GraveLink
Rudne: Mass GraveLink
Sambir: Cemetery - NewLink
Sambir: Mass GraveLink
Sasiv: Cemetery - NewLink
Sasiv: Mass GraveLink
Shopky: Mass GraveLink
Skelivka: Cemetery - OldLink
Skhidnytsia: Mass GraveLink
Skole: Mass GraveLink
Sokolivka: CemeteryLink
Solianuvatka: Mass GraveLink
Sosnivka: Mass GraveLink
Staryi Sambir: CemeteryLink
Staryi Sambir: Mass GraveLink
Stoianiv: CemeteryLink
Stryi: Cemetery - NewLink
Stryi: Cemetery - OldLink
Tartakiv: CemeteryLink
Turka: CemeteryLink
Turka: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Velyki Didushychi: CemeteryLink
Velyki Didushychi: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Velyki Mosty: CemeteryLink
Velyki Mosty: Mass Grave - ForestLink
Velyki Mosty: Mass Grave - SynagogueLink
Velykyi Liubin: Mass GraveLink
Volove: Mass GraveLink
Yavoriv: Mass Grave - ForestLink
Yelykhovychi: Mass GraveLink
Zhovkva: CemeteryLink
Zhovkva: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Zhydachiv: CemeteryLink
Zhydachiv: Mass GraveLink
Zolochiv: Cemetery - NewLink

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast:

Bilshivtsi: CemeteryLink
Bilshivtsi: Mass GraveLink
Bohorodchany: CemeteryLink
Bolekhiv: CemeteryLink
Bolekhiv: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Bolekhiv: Mass Grave - NorthwestLink
Bukachivtsi: CemeteryLink
Burshtyn: CemeteryLink
Deliatyn: CemeteryLink
Deliatyn: Mass GraveLink
Dolyna: CemeteryLink
Halych: Cemetery - KaraiteLink
Halych: Cemetery - NewLink
Horodenka: Cemetery - NewLink
Horodenka: Cemetery - OldLink
Horodenka: Mass GraveLink
Ivano-Frankivsk: Cemetery - NewLink
Ivano-Frankivsk: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Kalush: CemeteryLink
Kalush: Mass GraveLink
Kolomyia: Cemetery - OldLink
Kolomyia: Cemetery - OldestLink
Kolomyia: Mass GraveLink
Kosiv: CemeteryLink
Kosiv: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Kuty: CemeteryLink
Lanchyn: CemeteryLink
Lysets: CemeteryLink
Mariiampil: CemeteryLink
Mykulychyn: CemeteryLink
Mykulychyn: Mass GraveLink
Nadvirna: CemeteryLink
Nadvirna: Mass GraveLink
Obertyn: CemeteryLink
Pechenizhyn: CemeteryLink
Perehinske: CemeteryLink
Pistyn: CemeteryLink
Rohatyn: Cemetery - NewLink
Rohatyn: Cemetery - OldLink
Rohatyn: Mass Grave - North Link
Rohatyn: Mass Grave - South Link
Rozhniativ: CemeteryLink
Sheparivtsi: Mass GraveLink
Sniatyn: Cemetery - NewLink
Solotvyn: CemeteryLink
Stratyn: CemeteryLink
Tlumach: Cemetery - NewLink
Tlumach: Mass GraveLink
Tysmenytsia: Cemetery - NewLink
Tysmenytsia: Cemetery - OldestLink
Verkhovyna: CemeteryLink
Verkhovyna: Mass GraveLink
Yabluniv: CemeteryLink
Yezupil: CemeteryLink
Zabolotiv: CemeteryLink
Zhuriv: Cemetery

Ternopil Oblast:

Berezhany: CemeteryLink
Berezhany: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Berezhany: Mass Grave - Center WestLink
Buchach: CemeteryLink
Chortkiv: Cemetery - CholeraLink
Chortkiv: Cemetery - NewLink
Chortkiv: Cemetery - OldLink
Chortkiv: Mass Grave - SouthwestLink
Husiatyn: CemeteryLink
Husiatyn: Mass GraveLink
Kamianky: Mass GraveLink
Katerynivka - CemeteryLink
Katerynivka - Mass GraveLink
Khorostkiv: Mass GraveLink
Kopychyntsi: Cemetery - Old
Kozova: CemeteryLink
Kremenets: CemeteryLink
Kremenets: Mass Grave 1Link
Kremenets: Mass Grave 2Link
Lanivtsi: Cemetery - NewLink
Lanivtsi: Mass GraveLink
Melnytsya-Podilska: Cemetery - NewLink
Melnytsya-Podilska: Cemetery - OldLink
Okopy: CemeteryLink
Ozeriany: Mass GraveLink
Pidhaitsi: CemeteryLink
Pidhaitsi: Mass Grave - CemeteryLink
Pidhaitsi: Mass Grave - EastLink
Pidvolochysk: CemeteryLink
Pochaiv: Mass Grave 2Link
Probizhna: CemeteryLink
Shumsk: Cemetery - NewLink
Shumsk: Mass GraveLink
Skala-Podilska: CemeteryLink
Skalat: CemeteryLink
Skalat: Mass Grave - EastLink
Staryi Vyshnivets: Mass GraveLink
Strusiv: CemeteryLink
Ternopil: Cemetery - NewLink
Ternopil: Mass Grave - SouthwestLink
Tovste: CemeteryLink
Tovste: Mass GraveLink
Ustia-Zelene: CemeteryLink
Vyshhorodok: Cemetery - NewLink
Vyshhorodok: Cemetery - OldLink
Vyshnivets: Cemetery - NewLink
Vyshnivets: Cemetery - OldLink
Vyshnivets: Mass Grave - SouthLink
Yahilnytsia: CemeteryLink
Zalishchyky: CemeteryLink
Zaliztsi: CemeteryLink
Zavaliv: CemeteryLink
Zbarazh: Cemetery - NewLink
Zboriv: Mass Grave - Center NorthLink
Zboriv: Mass Grave - NorthwestLink
Zolotyi Potik: CemeteryLink