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Ця сторінка також доступна українською.


International volunteers indexing grave markers at the new Jewish cemetery of Lviv (Lviv oblast). Photo © Sashko Balabai.

The guide page for project support on this website outlines and details several categories of resources for funding, partnership, and other forms of support which are potentially available to project leaders and activists working to preserve Jewish cemeteries in western Ukraine. This page provides links to resources in most of those categories. As explained on the guide page, many of these resources are transient in their availability, the criteria used to screen and qualify candidate projects for support, and/or the forms in which support may be provided. We anticipate that many links listed here will break each year, or that changes in qualification criteria will shift these resources away from useful support for cemetery projects. But the opposite is also true: each year new support opportunities arise, replacing or supplementing the changes and losses which have occurred. Proposed updates to this page are welcome; please forward new or broken links and descriptions to the addresses on the RJH contact page.

A few of the listed references are highlighted with brief summaries in the first section below, “key references”. Other useful resources on this subject may be found in the sections on regional and international experts, and on technical tools, methods, and data. Except where noted otherwise, all references listed here are in English.

Key References

The Grants Guide: A Workbook for Civic Activists; Ashleigh Graves-Roesler and Bryan Roesler; self-published with Teple Misto on, 2018. Also available in Ukrainian.
This free digital workbook outlines the steps to researching and writing project-based grant applications, then details each step with reference information, practical advice, worksheets and other tools which project leaders can use to efficiently focus on the most suitable opportunities and the key criteria for award success. The text emphasizes the importance of preparation and decision-making before beginning the application, and stewardship and management of the grant during and after funding. The guide is particularly well-suited to fundraising for heritage projects in western Ukraine: it was developed during the authors’ two years of service as Community Development Volunteers with the Peace Corps in Ivano-Frankivsk, and before they formed the US-based consultancy Quill Grant Writing Services (see below).

Jewish Heritage Europe / News; Ruth Ellen Gruber for the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe (RFHE); web page, ongoing.
The permanent content on this web portal presents a broad set of information about Jewish heritage in Europe, including lists of and links to heritage sites, cultural institutions, community contacts, tourism organizations, and publications, all organized thematically and by country (including Ukraine); Jewish cemeteries are a highlighted focal point. The news section of the site is frequently updated, and serves as a key distribution point for information about recently-announced grants and other funding opportunities for Jewish heritage and cultural projects.

The Production of Heritage: The Politicisation of Architectural Conservation; Alan Chandler and Michela Pace; Routledge, 2019.
A text with perhaps broader application to the project concepts section of this website, this book is included here because of its attention to the language (and common miscommunication) of heritage proposals and plans, and to the ways in which partnerships between project activists, regional and international administrations, and local communities can support or impede project efficiency and success. The text focuses on historic building conservation and reuse, but many of the issues and case studies can be adapted to the concerns of burial sites as “heritage conservation in a capitalist culture”. The section on tactics for ways out of “the heritage trap” includes learning from landscape, archaeology, and art, all relevant to Jewish cemeteries.

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