Technical Tools, Methods, and Data

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.

Tools for trimming wild vegetation at Jewish burial sites in Rohatyn (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast) being sharpened
with a file to restore their effectiveness. Photos © RJH.

As a supplement to the print and electronic references identified in the resources portion of this website, the pages linked here are intended to bridge between theory and practice where otherwise there is no simple guidance available which applies to the preservation of Jewish burial sites and/or the existing guidance is not relevant to western Ukraine. On some of the pages listed below you can find suggestions and tips for selecting and using specific tools which are effective for Jewish cemetery research, design, rehabilitation, and construction projects. In some cases, this means fabricating unique tools and methods to manage aspects of the work where commercially-available tools are not helpful. Other pages listed below describe methods for solving specific problems found in Jewish cemeteries, to improve documentation, recondition and improve burial site landscapes, etc. Also included here are excerpts from materials data tables which are relevant and useful in planning and designing landscapes and memorials, conserving and documenting headstones, and more.

Note: For the pages listed below which are not yet linked, we are still assembling the summary information, and hope to have them completed soon. Please check this page occasionally to see our progress.


Tools and hands in use extracting Jewish headstones from under a street in Lviv. Photo © RJH.

Tools for Surveying Cemetery Boundaries, Terrain, and Feature Locations

Tools for Trimming, Clearing, and Maintaining Vegetation

Tools for Recovering and Moving Displaced Headstones

Tools for Landscape and Memorial Design


Methods for Tagging Headstones

Methods for Removing Molehills and Ant Colonies


Mechanical Properties of Stone